'Few people have the courage to be true to the person they really are. Markus Torgeby decided to part ways with tradition and follow his own unique calling in life where he found meaning in living alone in the wilderness and running freely, running far. A fascinating story about a man dedicated and entirely devoted to his true love, running.'

//Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathoner and NY Times bestselling author

'The most beautiful book I ever read '

// Rune Larsson, ultra-distance runner

Markus Torgeby was just 20 years old when he headed off into the remote Swedish forest to live as a recluse and dedicate himself to his one true passion: running. He lived in a tent in the wilderness, braving the harsh Swedish winters - for four years. This is his story. An international bestseller, this extraordinary book is a powerful exploration of running, resilience, loss, and self-discovery.A talented long-distance runner in his teens, Markus Torgeby excelled in training, but often failed inexplicably in competition. Pressurised by his coach and consumed by the suffering of his MS-afflicted mother, he chose to do something that most of us only dream of: escape the modern world. In his stripped-back lifestyle in the woods, surviving with the bare minimum of supplies and enduring extreme cold, he found salvation and ultimately his true direction in life.